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New Interracial Couple Emojis Approved For Release

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Emojis have been a fun way of communicating since the emergence of smart devices, and they have since evolved. Representation has been consistently incorporated, from having darker skinned emojis to infusing same-s*x couples and now interracial couples.

Interracial couple emojis
Interracial couple emojis

There is now an emoji for you if you are in an interracial relationship. Due to campaigns by tech activist group Emojination and dating app Tinder, 71 new variations of emojis have been approved.

At some time in the world, interracial marriages were illegal and being able to legally marry anyone of your choice is a feat celebrated all over the world.

After a yearlong project, Tinder and Emojination recently approved the additions in characters technically referred to as “people holding hands”. The new “gender-inclusive” couple emoji was also approved among 230 new characters.

User companies will decide for themselves starting later this year whether to add them and how they will look. The Unicode Consortium, which includes tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple, have signed off on the skin-tone additions.

Jenny Campbell, the chief marketing officer for Tinder, isn’t worried about distribution after the company mounted a campaign and petition drive in support of the technical proposal it submitted to Unicode.

However, the bits to do with the facial features and hair textures are yet to be determined by some vendors. Tinder is taking credit for its industry in pushing interracial dating along, citing data that indicates couples who meet online are more likely to be interracial than those who don’t.

Skin tones for limited use were added to the Unicode Standard for emoji in 2015. More representation of women came in 2016, with some “gender-inclusive” people added in 2017 and hair colour options last year.

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