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New Emoji Coming To Apple iPhone This Year

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Apple is including a new pack of emojis into its devices, especially the iPhone. Later in the year, Apple will launch a new iOS 13 smartphone software. A new trio of iPhones is also set for release in September along with the new Dark Mode features.


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Apple has now unveiled a new selection of emojis. It plans to include it in the software update coming up later in 2019. iPhones should expect 59 new designs with disability themes, food, animals and holding hands emoji. They will also have customisation options.


iPhone Emoji


Emojis have evolved over the years. They have gone from being just a few signs to becoming extensively diverse. Earlier in the year, the collection saw the addition of interracial couple emojis and hijabi emojis.


The Unicode Consortium has time and time again approved emojis that will represent people more accurately.


The emojis expected to debut later in the year on Apple devices will let users choose a combination of gender and skin tones. There will also be 75 of them. Some of them will represent people living with disabilities. Furthermore, there will be one will a guide-dog and another showing an ear with a hearing aid.

iPhone Emoji 2019


The disability-themed emojis were proposed by the Unicode Consortium last year. Apple has also included sloths and skunks. Food like garlic, falafel, and butter are also new food emojis coming to the iPhone.


Safety vests, yawning face, swimsuit, kites are other miscellaneous additions to the emoji family.


In May of this year, Google also announced the release of 53 new gender-fluid emoji on Pixel phones. The emoji will be added to all Android Q phones later in the year.


Read on the history of emojis here: Let’s Talk About Emojis.

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