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New Cowboy E-Bikes Now Come With Removable Batteries

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Bike company, Cowboy is now making beautiful pedal-assisted e-bikes. The company has also added removable batteries to the electric bikes’ features.


The 2019 prototype of the bike has GPS anti-theft technology. The battery can be taken in to charge while the bike stays outside. The bike also has a battery bulge at the backside of the seat tube.


The Belgian startup company employs 40 full-timers to the company. From 10th June 2019, the company will start mass production of the electric bikes in Poland.




They will also start shipping to Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. In July, shipping will start in France with more countries around the world soon.


The bike has GPS tracking that can be done via the Cowboy app. The Bluetooth in the device will also help owners to narrow the search when looking for their bike.


Furthermore, the app helps to turn the lights off and on. The bike also sends communication to the app to report on its health. This tells the user when to be proactively alert.


The bike is hard to pedal without power from the batteries because it only has a single gear. According to Cowboy, the e-bikes use the latest Samsung 21700 lithium-ion battery cells. This helps it to claim a 70km range. This means the battery can get a full charge in three hours.



The bike can also be switched from 25km/h to 30 km/h. The hydraulic brakes stop the bike with confidence. Its saddle is also built for speed but might be uncomfortable for long-distance rides.


The electric bikes are available in only colour black. It has a belt drive that is clean and maintenance free. The bike is now selling in Europe at €1,990.


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