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New Chrome OS To Allow iPhone USB Tethering

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The upcoming Chrome OS is expected to allow you to transfer data into your iPhone using a USB. This means that Apple users will now have the ability to share a mobile data connection with a wire.


This is interesting because it does really show that technology goes in circles. We fought for years to move from using LAN networks to wireless. Now, it is a welcome innovation that the transfer of data through a wired USB connection is a possibility.


A USB interaction means that battery consumption will not be an issue while tethering. It will also serve as a more reliable mode of transferring the internet than Wi-Fi. This is because you know that once you are connected, you are good to go.


Chrome iPhone Tethering


The Chrome Operating System has had the USB tethering support for Android before now. It also offers Instant Tethering support when using a Chromebook. The iPhone will automatically connect if it doesn’t have data following a prompt on the device. However, this process is not entirely as hitch-free as using the inbuilt device LTE data access. But it’s a great alternative regardless.


The downside is that the iPad does not have support of any kind for USB tethering. Whether it is an Android device or its iOS counterpart. This is even after the switch iPad Pro made to the USB-C in 2018.


The new Chrome OS, however, does not have a release date yet. But the feature is expected to be incorporated soon.

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