You are currently viewing I played the new 2022 mobile PES eFootball game, here are 5 things I noticed

I played the new 2022 mobile PES eFootball game, here are 5 things I noticed

After a couple of days being offline, PES finally completed the eFootball 2022 update and the developers weren’t kidding about the overhaul they boasted of. It feels like an entirely new game and here are five things I noticed almost on my first play.

1. Name change

The app name is no longer PES and I spent more than a second locating it on my phone because I was already used to the previous location. Now, it is in the “E” section as it has been renamed eFootball, officially.

2. New UI

While the controls remain the same, the interface has completely changed. The mobile eFootball now looks like the one of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. We could spend the whole day talking about the graphics changes as well but this article will not contain all the newness that the update brings. In fact, it took a while to find where to start a match and I haven’t quite figured out where the “Campaign” option is, if it was retained at all.

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3. Player ratings

A lot of game players who rate play over abilities will be happy with the new player ratings that the 2022 eFootball update brings. It lets the game be a bit more competitive, although, when I played against a stronger team, it seemed like my controls were a second slower than theirs. Yet, I still got some good plays in.

4. A third celebration option

Before now, after you score a goal, there are options to pick a “celebration” or to skip it. However, the new version brings a third option that seems more in tune with what is happening in the game. For example, when you score from a good assist, there is the option for the scorer to recognise the provider. Also, when you score early, there is an option to let your scorer celebrate like it is indeed an early goal. Another cool one is when you score a fourth or fifth goal in a ‘demolition,’ there is an option for “Respect” and the goal scorer does not celebrate as he should.

5. Formation change

Another major change is the option to change formation. It was hard to play the previous mobile eFootball because you were stuck with the formation that came with the manager. Which made no sense because even in real life, when you want to change a formation, you don’t have to hire a new coach for that. The update makes it possible to adapt your formation while using the same manager.

Of course, there are several other new things you will notice about the update as I saw these just after playing a couple of games. If you have some that you thing other gamers should know about, you can mention them in the comment section.

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