You are currently viewing Netizens Drag Sophia Momodu After Imade’s Birthday Post To Davido

Netizens Drag Sophia Momodu After Imade’s Birthday Post To Davido

Davido’s baby mama Sophia Momodu is currently being dragged online after a birthday post was made to the singer, via Imade’s instagram page

Netizens Drag Sophia Momodu After Imade's Birthday Post To Davido
Sophia Momodu

Davido’s first daughter, Imade, had penned a short yet beautiful post to her father to mark His 30th birthday on Monday, 21st November 2022

Seven years old Imade who took a break from social media after the tragic death of Ifeanyi, posted a happy birthday message to their dad, Davido.

She shared a photo of him holding on to his daughters while carrying Ifeanyi; an act of tribute to the departed young one.

“Happy birthday daddy! I wish you peace, joy & love” Imade captioned the beautiful photo.

Meanwhile, as harmless as this post is, many may wonder why Sophia Momodu is getting dragged online

Well we all know that Imade is too young to make such post, and netizens are angry that Sophia could post the late Ifeanyi now, when she never acknowleged him while he was strill alive

Sophia Momodu always shared photos of his second daughter, Hailey and is even bff with her mother.

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But it wasn’t the same with Ifeanyi, as she never acknowledged him on her page or her daughter’s page.

One Dafe wrote, “Normally them suppose wipe the person when they run Imade page cord for neck

One Ene wrote, “Funny how Sophia never thought to feature Ifeanyi on Imade’s page his demise. How insensitive!

One the cutest skimmy wrote, “Of all the pictures Imade has with her dad, Sophia choose this one?? Hum I’m starting to see what people they say about her. All shades of wrong, wickedness abeg

One D strategist wrote, “What Sophia did was sooo wrong Damn! What a shade!

One Khaleedah Dollars wrote, “One of the reasons why I don’t like Sophia. Imade and Davido have hundreds of pictures together but she chose to post this one

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