You are currently viewing Netflix’s “The Unforgivable” Is A Story Of Love And Revenge

Netflix’s “The Unforgivable” Is A Story Of Love And Revenge

Following the success of her 2018 film blockbuster film”Bird Box”, Sandra Bullock returns to Netflix with yet another intriguing film titled “The Unforgivable”.

In “The Unforgivable” Sandra Bullock (Ruth Slater) returns from prison after serving a 20 years jail term for the murder of a local sheriff.  Now she also has to confront the grieving family of the victim of her crime, and her sister’s (Katie) new foster parents, who believe that Ruth has no remorse for her actions.

 "The Unforgivable"
Sandra Bullock

First, we can’t help but marvel at Sandra Bullock’s look in the film. With the use of makeup, Bullock looks the part as the angry, frustrated and grieving Ruth Slater. Her hollow eyes, unkempt hair and dry lips did justice to her role as an ex-convict.

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“The Unforgivable” however had its shortcomings. While Bullock is a stunning main character, the spotlight isn’t shown on the rest of the talented cast. For example, Viola Davis did not get enough screen time. Maybe it’s all in the plot to keep the main character at the centre of the action.

Also, the use of flashbacks was somewhat confusing in the film. At one point, the viewers are trying to understand Katie Slater’s trauma and the next moment, they are bombarded with Ruth’s altercation with the local sheriff that led to her incarceration.

Meanwhile, the underlying themes of sibling bond and the sacrifice made for a loved ones will keep you hooked to this film.

“The Unforgivable” is currently streaming on Netflix

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