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Netflix To Allow You Remove Devices Tied To Your Account

Streaming giant Netflix is rolling out a feature that allows you to manage and remove devices that are linked to your account. The feature is called Manage Access and Devices and once you can see it, you can start using it.

The tool will let you see details like connected devices, which profile watched what, and where devices are watching from using your account. You also have the power to sign out the devices.

Although the company touts the feature as being more useful to you, it is part of its effort to reduce password sharing by encouraging power users with lots of linked devices to help them thin out the herd. It will also become useful when Netflix starts charging extra for having more people using your account.

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Since its disappointing 2022 earnings results, there have been frantic moves to get the investors’ confidence back. The platform began its ads-for-cheaper subscription plan at the beginning of November to get more users on board. It is also cracking down on password-sharing.

With the feature that allows users transfer their profiles, it may make a lot of sense to allow freeloaders move to their own accounts before kicking them out.

For now, it is not clear how the extra charge for sharing passwords would work. Likely, the company would be reducing the number of devices logged into the same account at a time or so.

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