You are currently viewing Negative Reactions Taint Netflix ‘One Piece’ Live-Action Announcement

Negative Reactions Taint Netflix ‘One Piece’ Live-Action Announcement

Netflix has announced that its live-action take on the One Piece anime will begin streaming in 2023.



The announcement comes with a fresh poster of Iñaki Godoy as Luffy photographed from behind and on the movie’s official page, there is a photo of the five main casts: Emily Rudd (as Nami), Mackenyu (as Roronoa Zoro), Taz Skylar (as Vinsmoke Sanji), and Jacob Romero Gibson (as Usopp).


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Tagged as a TV comedy, action and adventure, the streamer says that it is based on Manga. The original One Piece is a manga series with more than 1,000 episodes. Netflix announced ordering the live-action version back in January 2020. With the production arm of the company already disappointing with its previous live action offerings, people don’t have much faith in the upcoming series.


New Netflix 'One Piece' poster showing casts.
New Netflix ‘One Piece’ poster showing casts. Image Source: Netflix.


According to ScreenRant, Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note movie and Cowboy Bebop series had not stayed true to the original source material. The media outlet says that this is likely why they failed to capture the hearts of fans and were canceled.


Meanwhile, others had seized the opportunity to call on the streaming platform to resurrect shows that it recently canceled, such as Warrior Nun1899, and so on.


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