Netflix Is Editing Phone Numbers Out Of Smash Hit Title “Squid Game”

Netflix Is Editing Phone Numbers Out Of Smash Hit Title “Squid Game”

Earlier it was reported that Netflix is editing scenes showing phone numbers out of its title topping “Squid Game.” This is because the horror series devotees have tried calling those numbers shown on the cards. Sadly, this has lead to real “unfortunate” prank calls Netflix says.


The popular horror series Squid Game has been a hit since it was available on Netflix.  The Korean drama has players participating in challenges, eventually leading to death. The game has cards of phone numbers on display, even in its trailer.

The reports from Reuters says that Netflix and production company Siren Pictures were not aware the numbers shown on the series would lead to actual real numbers. There is a report of one victim of this prank call saying that he has been “bombarded” with messages and calls.

Even numerous users in Korea have also been victims of these prank calls, from “Squid Game” devotees. Netflix is taking these reports seriously and will be editing the numbers out from those scenes on the series. Netflix during the 2021 Code conference released never-seen-before numbers of its most-watched top titles.

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The streaming service company shared the number of accounts that have viewed its top 10 series and movie. This is on a basis of at least two minutes of each title during the first 28 days it was available on Netflix.

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Leading the Series numbers is Bridgerton with 82 million accounts viewing the title. A close second is part one of Lupin and The Witcher with 76 million account viewing.  While for the Films section, Extraction leads with 99 million accounts. This is followed by Bird Box with 89 million accounts and then in third is Spenser Confidential with 85 million accounts.

For another section, based on hours view per title in the first 28 days on Netflix. Bridgerton also tops the series list with 625 million hours viewing, the third season of Money Heist follows closely with 619 million views. In distant third position is the third season of Stranger Things with 582 million hours of views.

In the same section, the Films category is led by Bird Box with 282 million views, Extraction comes in at second place with 231 million hours viewing. Interestingly, The Irishman takes the third position with 215 million viewing hours.

Back to Squid Game

Squid Game currently tops Netflix’s US title for the past week. It has become an instant hit since its release according to the streaming platform. It’s currently the first Korean series to achieve such feat on Netflix.


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