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Netflix Drops Money Heist Season 4 Trailer In Anticipation Of 3rd April Premiere

Fans of La Casa De Papel popularly known in English as Money Heist got an anticipation-building trailer towards the release of its 4th season on 3rd April 2020.


Netflix dropped the trailer via its Twitter handle on 5th March 2020. It had tweeted:



If the last episode of the 3rd season had left one hanging, the just-released trailer only further suspends you in the air with more questions.


Episode eight of the past season cuts off at the peak of the action. The whole gang is in disarray and its leader is on the brink of being caught. However, while the police seem to be on the verge of winning, experienced viewers will likely still be holding on to the hope that something may happen to spring them out of the trap.


The season 4 trailer of Money Heist gives some glimpse of hope. For example, we see a scene where the gang is trying to save Nairobi’s life (who a sniper shot in Season 3).

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However, many would want to know what the Inspector would do as she is seen being presented with the choice of picking her family or the professor.


If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the action will not be toned down. While past seasons have been about mind games, Money Heist season 4 may see more gun action.


Fans would also likely want to confirm one thing; is Berlin alive? We caution that you should not get your hopes high as his appearance may be a memory. Yet, if you are hoping Berlin is alive in season 4 of Money Heist according to the trailer, you are not alone.


There are a number of tweets showing the same faith, see some here:




Anticipate the Money Heist season 4 release on 3rd April 2020. For now, keep whetting your appetite with the trailer and the past seasons as well.


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