You are currently viewing Story of late controversial antivirus creator John McAfee comes to Netflix as Running with the Devil
Netflix documentary of John McAfee Running with the Devil to air in August

Story of late controversial antivirus creator John McAfee comes to Netflix as Running with the Devil

Netflix Running with the Devil is a documentary of John McAfee, a story that needs to be told, or at least, that is what those in the know believe. We will have to be the judge of that when it starts streaming on August 24.

According to the details on the platform, it is unlike other documentaries that you may have seen recently. It is more of a revelation than a telling or narrative.

“Through raw, revealing footage and interview with fugitive tech pioneer John McAfee,” Netflix says. “This documentary uncovers new layers of his wild years on the run.”

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The tech businessman was on the run for about eight years before he was arrested in October 2020 in Spain. He had been evading the Belize police since 2012 after he was named a suspect in the murder of a man named Gregory Faull, his neighbour.

He is described as an extremely paranoid person because, according to him, everyone was out to get him. McAfee was afraid of the government, and he accused them of seizing his properties and mysteriously destroying them after. He was also afraid of the Mexican cartel as well. Where do a man that is running from both criminals and the law go to? That is what the Netflix documentary explores, John’s restless adventure. 

He had a journalist with him during his run and was able to get most of what he did on camera. We can’t wait to watch this one and already, the reminder is set.

John McAfee passed away in 2021 after what appears to be suicide. However, his wife and those who knew him claim that he had not ended his own life. They refuted the suicide note, saying that it was a forgery.

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