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Netflix Bows To Pressure As It Now Gives Users Control Over Autoplay Feature

Easter came early for Netflix users as they got control over stopping the autoplay feature on the service. It had not been a proactive adjustment but rather, one that seemed forced.


In response to the many feedbacks from customers, Netflix now allows users to choose either to allow or block the autoplay feature. It had tweeted about the development late on Thursday 6th February 2020:



Netflix users have since from time immemorial complained about videos automatically playing immediately they opened the service. Some claimed that it was very annoying because some of the videos playing on auto do not interest them in any way. But somehow, Netflix had forced them to watch it with the feature.


In bowing to the mass pressure the service showed that customers’ satisfaction came first. Immediately it announced the adjustment, users started posting their appreciation.

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The announcement came with a link on how to turn Netflix auto-play on or off. This explains what and what the users can actually control, it says:


Netflix provides two different autoplay settings that you can turn on or off. Changes to these settings are specific to a profile and will take effect across all devices. You can adjust these settings from the Netflix site.


However, some users also mentioned that there is still more improvements to be made. One popular complaint was about not letting the credits roll out at the end of an episode before another video started automatically. A user said:



Netflix had by the end of January released a Taylor Swift documentary titled: Miss Americana. Lana Wilson directed it and it follows the American singer-songwriter’s life over the course of several years of her career.


It remains to be seen whether Netflix will fix the new issue that its users have pointed out in time.


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