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Netflix begins password sharing crackdown in some countries

Netflix users in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica have begun experiencing the aftermath of some of its password-sharing policies. However, according to reports, the policy enforcement is uneven and somewhat scattered.

While the platform has announced that it will be enforcing some solutions to the password sharing epidemic that is affecting its revenue, users expected to at least be notified when it swung into effect. Allegedly, this has not been the case for affected users in the countries mentioned above.

In addition to being caught off-guard, some users have continued to use their account as normal without obeying validation prompts to continue sharing their accounts.

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There is also the issue of how Netflix sees the word ‘household.’ Its official stance is that shared accounts are for people living in a single household; but the question is, what does this mean? Does the platform use proximity to judge this or limits the number of users to an average amount? What of in the case of a larger household?

However, the more widespread effect of the password-sharing crackdown on Netflix is the additional fees that account owners have to pay to share it with others outside their homes. The Verge lists it as an extra $2.89 in Chile, $2.99 in Costa Rica and $2.13 in Peru.

The move is an expected fall of the disappointing earnings call that Netflix had in Q1 2022. It appears that losing subscribers and revenue really brought the company’s heads back down to earth. If its tests in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru are successful, the rest of the world should expect the company to start making a move on them too.

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