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Netflix And Ubisoft To Make Animated Series Adaptation Of Splinter Cell Game

Netflix and Ubisoft are to release an animated series adaptation of the popular video game, Splinter Cell. Netflix had originally made the announcement at the end of June.


The Splinter Cell video game franchise was started by award-winning action novel writer, Tom Clancy in 2002. Tom Clancy also has a series of novels based on the game.


Netflix wants two seasons of about eight episodes each upfront before it starts airing the coming series. Additionally, Derek Kolstad, John Wick’s writer, will be in charge of the adaptation.

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For now, both Netflix and Ubisoft have not revealed any further details about the coming series. This is not the first time that Netflix is making a game adaptation series.


The streaming giant had made series out of The Witcher and Castlevania games. Likely, the adaptation of Splinter Cell will garner as many views as its predecessors had. The Witcher had gotten over 76 million views in its first month according to Netflix.


To give the Splinter Cell animated series adaptation more life, the producers will have to focus on bringing the protagonist, Sam Fisher, to life. There will be no shortage of stories for the writers as the game has several editions.


The announcement had drawn positive reactions from the public. While many anticipated it, there were others who doubted what its quality will be like. Since it is to be an animation; creating the many sci-fi scenes and gadgets that the Splinter Cell video game features will be easy.


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