You are currently viewing Netflix “Afterlife of the Party” Gives Insight Of What Happens After Death

Netflix “Afterlife of the Party” Gives Insight Of What Happens After Death

What happens when people die? do they cease to exist or there is an afterlife? Cassie (Victoria Justice) in “Afterlife of the Party,” gives us POV information on this topic.

Cassie, a stunning and hyper active party girl dies in a freak accident the morning after her 25th birthday extravaganza. However, instead of going to heaven or hell, she finds herself in The In-Between; a year after her death.

Val (Robyn Scott), Cassie’s guardian angel informs her that she’s dead, and she only has a handful of days to right her wrongs on Earth in order to secure a spot in The Above.

Cassie and her guardian angel Val
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Cassie must make amends with her estranged, yoga-instructor father (Adam Garcia) and the mother who took off to explore the world when she was a child (Gloria Garcia). Also she must fix her friendship with her bestie Lisa, which includes helping her hook up with their cute and equally shy next-door neighbour (Timothy Renouf).

Netflix “Afterlife of the Party” Gives Insight Of What Happens After Death
Cassie and her best friend Lisa

Not everybody gets a second chance to rewrite their wrongs but in “Afterlife of the Party” Cassie helps her divorced parents get closure, settles the grudge with her mother and even finds love for her Dad.

If you are a believer in the notion of “life after death” then “Afterlife of the Party” is one film you should be watching on Netflix.


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