You are currently viewing Netflix starts charging extra for sharing password with ‘Add a Home’ feature in August 2022

Netflix starts charging extra for sharing password with ‘Add a Home’ feature in August 2022

Netflix introduces ‘Add a Home’ feature for sharing passwords in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras from August 2022.

The streaming company is still reeling from the reality check its Q1 2022 results brought after recording losing subscribers for the first time. While it can be explained as the outcome of the end to the pandemic quarantine, Netflix execs are not leaving the future to chance.

One of their drastic measures was to restrict password-sharing and charge extra for it. It had remarked that allowing it to go on would ‘undermine’ its long-term ability to invest in and improve the service.

The new measure will take effect in the five Latin American countries mentioned above. Although the pricing structure still makes it cheaper than getting a standalone membership, the goal is to discourage sharing your Netflix password.

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For users in Argentina, they can add an extra home for $10.75/month, and it will cost $2.99/month for users living in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Each Netflix account will have one home account by default, but the Basic plan allows a maximum of two, while the Standard plans allow for a maximum of three, and the Premium tier allows up to four homes.

How many devices can log in to one home account at a time is unclear. Also, how will Netflix control whether users live in one home or not because it supports accessing the account even while traveling?

The company already launched an “add extra member” feature for users in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, costing about $2 to $3 to add two extra members per month. Netflix will notify affected users by email once new features are available in their region to avoid being caught off guard by additional charges.

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