You are currently viewing “My Village People” Tells The Tale Of Witchcraft With Comedy

“My Village People” Tells The Tale Of Witchcraft With Comedy

If you don’t believe in the activities of witches and wizards and other supernatural forces, then you need to watch Bovi Ugboma’s “My Village People”

In the movie, Prince (Bovi Ugboma) is the chronic womanizer who upon attending his sister’s wedding in the village comes in contact with witches. Now he has to fight for his life as women on the other side will do everything to have him on their side.

"My Village People" Tells The Tale Of Witchcraft With Enough Comedy
Poster of “My Village People”

“My Village People” is filled with seasoned actors and actresses that did justice to the story. Actors like Nkem Owoh, Amaechi Muonagor, Theresa Edem, Venita Akpofure, Charles Inojie were on the ground to bring the story to light.

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The storyline was also very unpredictable and filled with suspense. One can see how Prince metamorphoses from the womanizer to the man that runs heather sketcher looking for help. We also see him as the compassionate man who helps Haggai come out of the coven where she was doomed.

Its not every time you see a Nigerian movie that talks about Witchcraft but infuses a lot of humour. So while you are scared watching a coven scene, you are laughing at the activities of the witches.

” My Village People” is a feel good movie, which will make you laugh and the same time teach you some life lessons.

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