You are currently viewing “My Dad And Funke Cheated On Each Other”- Funke Akindele’s Stepson Benito Says On IG Live

“My Dad And Funke Cheated On Each Other”- Funke Akindele’s Stepson Benito Says On IG Live

Benito, Funke Akindele’s stepson, Benito, has continued to spill bitter allegations against the actress and his father on social media.

"My Dad And Funke Cheated On Each Other"- Funke Akindele's Stepson Benito Says On IG Live
L-R: Photo of Benito, Funke Akindele and alleged estranged husband JJC Skillz.

In an Instagram Live video shared via his page on Friday, May 20, 2022, Benito revealed several shocking details about the actress and his father, JJC Skillz’s alleged dying marriage.

According to Benito, his father cheated on Funke which led to a big fight. He also revealed that the actress also cheated on his father.

Benito said the movie star was known for screaming at the top of her voice in the house. She reportedly accused her husband of stealing money from the family’s account.

Funke Akindele’s stepson also revealed how the actress treated people who worked for her in a very belittling manner.

According to Benito, he has witnessed staff of the actress breakdown after she scolded them. He also said his father and the movie star haven’t slept in the same room for two years.

He also revealed that his father no longer lives in their matrimonial home.


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Reports that Funke Akindele’s marriage with JJC Skillz may have hit the rocks reached the internet in April.

Benito, first hinted about the rumours being true after he commented on a Tiktok post that reported about the crisis in Bellos home.

According to the young man, the actress is not who many people believe she is. He also added that he lived in their house for two years and it was a horror.

Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz got married in 2016. They welcomed their set of twins in 2018.


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