You are currently viewing “Music Is Not For Me!” Find Out The Real Reason Waje Wants to Quit Music

“Music Is Not For Me!” Find Out The Real Reason Waje Wants to Quit Music

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In a video that went viral on social media, Waje reveals her intention to quit music. The singer and mother of one exposes how money consuming it is to make and promote music in the Nigerian music industry.


Her insight exposes what happens behind the scene and how expensive it is to make music. It makes people actually reflect on what drives their passion for music and how long they are willing to strive for success.


Waje explains how she would rather spend her money on her daughter. This issue arose from the release of her latest album and how it didn’t do as well as expected for lack of publicity.


“I don’t have money for publicity, I want to quit.” – Waje

In the video of singer Waje, we see her in a vulnerable state. She pours out her heart on how much she loves music and being in the studio. However, she’s also honest about how much effort she pours into her craft, which yet results in a low profit. This is incomparable to how much goes into it in the first place. In her words, “I don tire.”


You come to wonder if this is what goes on in the music industry. It puts a lot of question marks in the extravagant lifestyle some artistes lead. It also makes you question if this is one of the reasons some talented artistes quit music early.


The female music star seems tired of music. As a result, she has declared that she is no longer ready to invest in her musical career. She seemed to have spent a lot in publicity, which ended up yielding low album sales.

“After everybody shouted, ‘Waje, your last album was how many years ago, please we need an album.’ Where are all the people that were shouting?”

Omawumi and Waje of Hernanes Media
Omawumi and Waje of Hernanes Media


The Edo State-born Afro-soul singer has teamed up with fellow Nigerian singer and songwriter, Omawumi. They have come together to create Hernanes Media.


Hernanes Media provides services such as film and TV production, TV adverts, content creation, brand event activation, and creative digital marketing.


Waje stated,

“We have a combined number of over 25 years of experience working in and navigating the media industry, which we believe can put into good use to fuel a new generation”.


We can’t wait to see what she has in store for her fans.


Watch the video below:

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