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Mozilla Will Distribute Firefox 85 Without Flash Support

Mozilla has come out to announce that it will remove support for Flash with the release of Firefox 85. That version of Firefox will become available to users on 26th January 2021; its ‘Nightly’ will arrive today 18th November 2020 and the Beta on 14 December 2020. Today’s reminder comes on the same day that Firefox 83 was released with improved SpiderMonkey performance.


It’s no secret that Mozilla has been looking to remove Flash support from its browser. Last year, we reported that Firefox 69 would come with Flash disabled by default and before that Firefox 47 set the plug-in to click-to-activate and Firefox 52 removed support for non-Flash NPAPI plug-ins.


While 26th January 2021 is the date of the launch of the first version of Firefox without Flash support; the plug-in will have run its course by 12th January 2021 when it reaches its end-of-life.

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24 years ago in 1996, the Adobe Flash Player came out; and effectively ran games and video content until HTML5 was introduced about a decade ago. Since the advent of HTML5, game developers and online videos have moved away from Flash. The two main advantages of moving to HTML5 are security and performance; mostly because not everyone kept their Flash installs up-to-date; nor did it always perform optimally on other operating systems such as Linux.


The early comments about this feature is still rolling out on social media and it appears to be mostly positive.


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