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Mozilla Introduces New Firefox Logo

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Mozilla recently revealed the new test version of its Firefox web browser. They also introduced a more stylish look for the Firefox Logo. The latest, more high-definition version has the fox wrapped around the globe. The fox’s face is now more visible, but its limbs have now vanished.


The animal is indeed a red Panda. However, users are accustomed to thinking it is a fox. The new icon comes alongside the latest version 70 of Firefox Nightly. The full version of the Firefox Nightly will become available on 20th October 2019. However, a beta version will roll out in a few weeks.


Mozilla Firefox Nightly


The new Firefox Nightly logo has a different blue/purple scheme. Meanwhile, the regular Firefox will continue to have its orange, yellow and red colours. The latest Firefox version will also not carry the label Quantum any longer. The Quantum name had been attached to Firefox since they released the Firefox 57 in 2017.


Mozilla Firefox Nightly


Mozilla Firefox introduced the Quantum update to in a bid to speed up Google’s Chrome. The WebRender project was part of the Quantum programs that Firefox introduced to help rebuild parts of Firefox’s engine. An engineering manager at Firefox, Jessie Bonisteel said, “Our goal is that WebRender will be the primary rendering engine for the Firefox Browser and we will continue to roll it out to additional platforms throughout the coming months.”


Mozilla also plans to do more to protect user’s online privacy. They intend to block online ads and websites that want to track you.

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