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Mozilla Firefox Rolls Out New Browser For Android Devices, See Review

Mozilla Firefox is now available on Android smartphones after launching its browser on 8th January 2020. This new year has seen a lot of activity from the internet company and this latest release is another major move that we have seen.


Here is a screenshot of the download page of the browser:


Mozilla Firefox Android browser
Screenshot of the Firefox Android browser download page.


The browser’s size is below 50MB on PlayStore and its installation is seamless. On opening the installed browser, the default background colour is white. It is disappointing that it does not have the popular night mode.


Firefox’s homepage shows three tabs accessible from the top. There are Top Sites, Bookmarks and History. Any of these can be chosen as the default page from the settings options.


One of the impressive features is the Google-powered voice search option accessible once one clicks the search bar. To use this, tap the microphone icon on the right.


Users can switch to private browser mode by tapping the tab icon. It is a box that shows the number of pages a user has opened. The normal mode is depicted by a hat while the private mode is represented by a mask. Like is common, the private mode hides sites visited and does not keep track of history but downloaded files are stored.

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Using the drop-down menu, one can see that it looks like that of the mobile Chrome browser. However, it provides many options and settings. Enabling notifications allows users to get alerted about new features and product tips.


There is also the data saver mode that disables some features to reduce data usage. To search the web, users can choose Google, Bing,, DuckDuck Go, Qwant, Twitter and Wikipedia.


The homepage suggests articles that will interest users from pages they frequently visit.


Opening the browser, users are to create a profile that requires their email addresses.


Another good one from Mozilla as we try to keep up-to-date with their several improvements.


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