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Motorola Rizr Returns As A Rollable Screen Concept Phone


  • Motorola teased a concept rollable screen smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2023.
  • Its parent company, Lenovo, had previously unveiled the technology late in 2022.
  • Motorola has not revealed when the device will enter markets and analysts expect it to be at least two years away.


Motorola Rizr is back and has reincarnated as a concept smartphone fitted with a rollable screen, spotted at the Mobile World Congress 2023. You’ll recall that its parent company, Lenovo, teased this concept a couple of months ago for laptops and smartphones.


According to TechCrunch‘s Brian Heater, who had a hands-on experience with the device, its compact screen is 5 inches long and it can extend to 6.5 inches, giving a screen to body ratio of 22:9 as against the 15:9 it offers in its original state.


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Motorola Rizr has always been about offering more phone in less space. Its initial version was a sliding phone that contained a physical keyboard which was released in 2006 to compete with Samsung, LG and BlackBerry phones of the time.


As Lenovo explained when it first teased the concept technology in 2022, the rolling mechanism is controlled by a small switch by the side of the device. It appears that the screen extension is folded on each other somewhere incise the phone.



The concept device is still relatively new and could take up to two years (give or take) before we see it in the market. Recall that foldable screens were teased more than a year before it began selling.


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