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The Motorola Razr

Motorola Delays Razr Foldable Phone Due To Unexpected High Demand

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Motorola’s throwback of the iconic Razr, which is to be relaunched as a foldable smartphone is being delayed. Meaning that it won’t be out in 2019.


The phone was scheduled for preorder on 26th December 2019 and was to be available in stores by 9th January 2020.


The Motorola Razr
The Motorola Razr Photo: Slash Gear


However, Motorola in a statement says unexpectedly high interest in the 2019 Razr is forcing it to have a rethink.


Although the company didn’t provide an updated timeline for the $1,500 phone, the mobile phone giant says it doesn’t expect a “significant shift.”


The Razr’s delay follows a now-familiar trend in foldable smartphone launches, which have also been pushed back by other manufacturers in recent times.


Samsung also had a very famous blunder with its nearly $2,000 Galaxy Fold. Reviewers with early access to the smartphone found defective hinges and that the screens broke after removing the Fold’s protective film. Samsung delayed the April launch of the device and put it on sale in September.

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Huawei also had plans to release a $2,600 foldable smartphone, but the company announced in December 2019  that it will be delaying the launch.

Meanwhile, Apple despite filing numerous patents for a foldable device is yet to announce an expected date for its own folding device.

Motorola Razr To Be Out Soon

The Motorola Razr in the past made its debut in 2004. It became the bestselling phone of all time in the United States until the iPhone eventually took that position.


It is still unclear the amount of sales Motorola was expecting for the new smartphone. According to the company, it is busy reworking its numbers to calculate “the appropriate quantity and schedule”. This may be so that more people will be able to buy it on the first day.


The $1,500 price tag is a new territory for Motorola, which has majorly focused on producing inexpensive phones.


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