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Most Useful Apps That You Will Benefit From During These Coronavirus Times

How about some useful apps to benefit you as the coronavirus continues to spread? Since the virus has caused severe panic across the world, it is important to alleviate some of your worries.


There have been solutions in the form of apps and online services by Medtech, Healthcare, NGOs and others. These, enable humans to protect themselves, track the virus’s spread and also check for symptoms. In addition, many of them offer health advice on the virus.


If there’s anything you do today, with almost everyone in self-isolation, download these apps discussed below. They provide a great wealth of knowledge and are designed to keep track of the virus. In addition, they give users up-to-date information about the latest health advice.


A very invaluable app to own this period. Apart from crosschecking your symptoms with that of coronavirus, this app affords you the ability to view medical records. You can also use it to set up appointments with medical practitioners. It provides instant advice and information based on data that you feed to it.

WHO (World Health Organisation) info

The official body for anything medical and health-wise in the world, WHO, offers its application for the latest health and information with the latest on the coronavirus. Daily live press conferences can be streamed via the app.

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University has developed an interactive, web-based dashboard solution. This dashboard tracks real-time data on confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, as well as recoveries for all affected countries.

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The dashboard also monitors Twitter feeds, online news services, and direct communications. Using these tools, it generates enough data to track new cases of coronavirus. You can access the dashboard here:


interactive, web-based dashboard that tracks real-time data on confirmed coronavirus cases
CSSE Johns Hopkins Universit dashboard for coronavirus cases

Regional Centre for Mapping of Development Resources (RCMRD)

Using data compiled from the World Health Organization; RCMRD was able to launch a web application that monitors the spread of the coronavirus across 20 member states. This application offers real-time statistics on active cases, recovery, and even deaths.


An app with informative numbers based on constant updates, statistics and detailed graphs to confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries. It offers information based on a country by country basis. Therefore, you can scroll to see information on any country. However, it is only available via Google Play.


Staying at home and under the lockdown, can be lonely and increase anxiety. That’s why you need Youper. Youper is an emotional health assistant using AI to help reduce anxiety levels and also manages mood and improve sleep.


Artificial intelligence engineered app
Emotional Health Assistant app


If you are finding it hard to sleep, try using Headspace. It is an artificial intelligence engineered app that relieves mind pressure. It uses guided daily meditations to manage stress. Thus, giving necessary assistance to help users unwind at bedtime.


There are also many other applications you can use to help you get through these times. Recently, Google and Apple also announced that they were working on a coronavirus tracking technology.


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