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More Than 400,000 Americans Have Registered To Vote Via Snapchat

More than 400,000 Americans have registered to vote on Snapchat as of 14th September 2020 according to Axios. Snapchat had recently rolled out a series of voting tools, including one that allows users to register to vote directly in the messaging app.


The app had previously rolled out in-app voter registration tools, with which more than half of the users who registered through the service actually voted in 2018. This time,  Axios puts the numbers of users that registered at 407,024 users.


Snapchat also plans to roll-out promotions, featuring popular politicians like former President Barack Obama and former Ohio Governor John Kasich. The promotions will also involve celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The app is also expected to release a new Public Service Announcement with Obama to encourage young people to register to vote on the app.

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Snapchat is not alone. other social media platforms are also rolling out voter registration and information boxes on their platforms.


Facebook in July 2020 started pinning voting information at the top of users’ news feeds. CEO Mark Zuckerberg in June 2020 said that the company hopes it can register 4 million people by Election Day.


Facebook, in comparison, registered just about half of that number in 2016 and 2018. Additionally, Google is directing users, who search ‘how to vote’, to state-by-state instructions.


Perhaps, social media companies are trying to get young people involved in the election process. Snapchat’s user base is mostly people under the age of 30 and by putting voting information on its platform, it will sure get them interested in the process.


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