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More People Are Searching For ‘Good News’ On Google Now Than Ever Before

According to researchers, there are more recent searches for the term ‘good news’ on Google than there have ever been since Google began publishing search data in 2004. It is not difficult to see why.


Ahrefs, a search engine optimisation (SEO) tool disclosed this in a recent search activity analysis. The search traffic resource reported that by December 2019, there were about 78,000 ‘good news’ searches per month. While this report dates back to four months, it is likely that it has surpassed this mark by now.


9to5Google and many other tech blogs speculate that as of now, the numbers of searches would be approaching 500,000 if not more. Below is a view of how the progression graph for these searches on Google looks like.


Good news Google search trend
Good news Google search trend graph. Photo: 9to5Google


One reason why ‘good news’ searches are on the rise is likely because it is hard to come by. A random visit to Google Trends website shows that the coronavirus dominates daily searches. While it is important to stay abreast of these pressing issues, it can be overwhelming.

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See an example of a screenshot of the Google Trends page by the end of Friday 3rd April 2020.


Google Good news


It may not be so much as trying to live in denial but trying to get uplifting news.


Since the worldwide spread of the pandemic, many people have found themselves physically shut from the outside world. Physical interactions are very restricted and limited. Many have resorted to virtual communications.


This is why many tech companies have experienced unprecedented surges in online activities. Social media use, streamings and gaming have seen the most radical changes.


Things have gotten to the point that many have started issuing warnings that their servers cannot keep up. So, many people would rather get as much good news as they can than dwell on the bad ones.


Also, several news outlets like MSN, Today, Huff Post, and Fox News with “Good News” subsections are enjoying increased traffic. A website named, Good News Network, will also majorly see more visitors at this time than it has ever seen.


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