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Money Monday: Here’s Why You Need “Vex Money”

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You are wondering what vex money is, right? This Monday, Plat4om is dishing out finance tips to our awesome readers. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could just get up and leave that shitty job, but you can’t just because you remember you have bills to pay?


Vex money is an amount of money you gather and save up in case you need to get out of an overbearing situation. Like “vex” implies, the situation sees you getting angry and leaving. It mostly applies to situations that will affect a source of income or that might make you need to spend extra money. For instance, your boss might become overbearing and you’d need to leave your job before getting another.


Benefits of having vex money

1. It can get you an apartment of your own

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If you live with crazy friends and relatives, having enough vex money means that you could rent an apartment of your own. No one wants to be called or become a squatter. So with a good amount of “vex money”, you can get yourself an apartment and have your own space.


2. You can quit your job


Who says you can’t quit that job you hate and live your dreams? You can start a business or invest in a training to boost your CV and improve on your skills. In this time and era, a first degree is never enough, you know. Vex money could also help you survive until you find another job.


3. Get something you always wanted

It is often said that “Looking good is good business”. As a working-class person, it won’t be a bad idea to change your wardrobe, get that outfit or gadget you have always wanted. Better still, you can stop depending on someone else for something, especially when they promised to do it, and get it done yourself.


So, how do you go about getting your own vex money?

1. Start saving


Put aside at least 10% of your current income to start building your fund. If you spend everything that comes into your account, what will you fall back to on a rainy day?


2. Invest your savings


Keeping your money in a bank won’t make it grow, so start making small investments. Investing in a fixed deposit, or treasury bills has never been a bad idea.


3. Increase your income

There’s always something extra you can do to make more money. You can even make money out of a hobby when you are determined.


With a robust amount of vex money, you can go to bed and sleep like a baby. Money is protection and the more of it you have the better the choices you can make. Also, learn to be strategic about how you spend your money and what you do with it.


For more tips like this, stay tuned to Plat4om.

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