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Monday Motivation: How Social Media Can Help Or Ruin Your Job Search

Over the weekend, a tweet about a lady who couldn’t get a job because of her Instagram photos trended. A Twitter user, Anu Praise, who receives CVs on Twitter, advised job seekers on the need to censor what they upload on social media.


See the tweet below:


However, social media users reacted to this tweet in diverse ways. While some supported the company for doing a background check on the staff, others felt it was an infringement on her privacy.


See some Twitter reactions below:




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Years ago, job seekers relied on newspaper applications to see companies recruiting. Invitations for interviews were sent by mail.


With the advent of mobile phones and social media platforms, job applications and recruitment are on the go, and young people jumping on this trend must be mindful of what they share on the internet.


Monday Motivation- See How Social Media Can Maim Or Aid Your Job Search


While some say that this particular company was petty in their recruitment, no one, however, can’t dictate how they go about their recruitment process.


The bottom line is that your image matters a lot, and being an employee in that office makes you their brand ambassador.


In your opinion, did the company go too far with their background check? Should a person’s private life be separated from the workplace?


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