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Mo Abudu Debunk Rumours That She Sleeps With Top Politicians To Fund Her Projects

EbonyLife TV boss Mo Abudu has addressed rumours alleging that her projects are being bankrolled by top politicians.

Mo Abudu Debunk Rumours That She Sleeps With Top Politicians To Fund Her Projects
Mo Abudu

In a chat with Chude Jideonwo, the 57-year-old media mogul said she is unshaken by the rumours. Abudu said she was however disappointed because of the young women that look up to her.

“There are people always there to put you down, people who ask ‘why her’ because you do the work and get results. Let anybody think what they want. Those that know you, know you. Those talking don’t,” the media boss said.

Don’t lose focus because these things can be distracting. Someone decided a few weeks ago to come and say all kinds of rubbish. The next day, we were already working. People were calling me like it was something serious.

I told them I’m really okay. It can be painful because of the young girls that look up to me. I don’t want them to think this is what I’ve done. And, if they do, I worry about them. How do you do the work we’ve done by worrying.

Some of my partners called and said, ‘my goodness, what’s going on there? I really thought Nigerians were a little bit more.’ I told them it’s not all Nigerians that are like that. I was defending Nigeria. They said it doesn’t add up.”

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On the claims that she is indebted to banks, the media mogul explained that a lot of entrepreneurs depend on bank loans to push the vision of their businesses. Abudu said she is unperturbed by the loans because she will eventually pay them off.

“I don’t have feedback on that. If I’m owing the bank, they need to pray for me to be alive to pay back. They should be calling me every morning and asking if I’m okay. And I’d be like, ‘I’m fine. I know I’m owing you,” she added.

They need to be invested in my success and everybody wins. I’m not afraid of debt and growth. If I can make a good case and you’re happy to lend me the money, I’ll take it and do whatever it takes to pay it back.

I’m still here. Everybody gets paid monthly and the bank has not come to close me down yet. You keep having a conversation with them, although things aren’t always going to be rosy. There could be times when you’re due.

And you haven’t paid back that month or whatever the case may be. You have a conversation with them and say you’re working on it. Everyone does it. If you have all the cash to run your business, the vision isn’t big enough.”

In September 2021, Instagram blogger Gistlover dragged Mo Abudu alleging that the Media mogul’s projects are being bankrolled by top politicians.

The blogger reported that Mo is only highly influential in the entertainment industry because of her s*xual connection to the “who is who” in society.

In the first slide, the blogger alleged that Abudu is famous for dating past governors of Lagos State so she can be close to the reins of power.

Ending the slides, the blogger added that Mo Abudu takes government contracts without delivering to even 30 per cent.


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