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Mixed Signals In Relationships: 10 Ways To Handle Them

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Humans are quite complicated generally so it’s no big surprise that mixed signals tend to show up between potential partners.

You’re done with what felt like a great date and you expect he’ll call soon; he doesn’t. She won’t reply to your texts but she’s tweeting, responding to tweets, or viewing your stories and statuses.

mixed signals

In some cases, your energies are matching and the relationship is growing then suddenly your S.O becomes cold and unresponsive. Sometimes, you get the notion that your supposed partner don’t want to be seen in public with you. But privately? they’re up for anything and everything!


Mixed signals are mostly negative than positive and can leave the person on the receiving end feeling unwanted and unloved. Before you make hasty decisions the next time you find yourself in such a situation, take a deep breath and remember the following.

Don’t jump into conclusions

The signs may be obvious to you but be careful not to make assumptions or jump into conclusions. You really don’t know what’s going on in the other persons head. Be patient and wait for time to reveal all.

Take off the love blinders

When you’re really attracted to someone, your feelings and emotions can cloud your good judgment. Make sure you’re seeing the relationship very clearly and the potential, or lack thereof that it holds.

Don’t overanalyze

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overanalyzing every word, the tone it was said with, every text, and imagining the intentions behind it. especially when you feel strongly for the person involved. But, resist the urge to.

mixed signals

Know when to walk away

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Give them space

Do not crowd a person giving off mixed signals. Instead, give them breathing space. “Why didn’t you call me?” “Why haven’t you texted all morning?” All of these are counterproductive so avoid doing so.

Realise that they may have personal issues

A lot of things could be contributing to why your partner is giving off mixed signals. Sometimes it’s awful past experiences or fear to commit.

Give them a benefit of the doubt

Believe what your partner tells you until you’re told or learn otherwise.

Don’t take it personally.

You must realise that it’s not your fault. It does not take away from how great you’re so don’t take it personally and allow it to weigh you down. Remember, you’re only responsible for how you feel and react.

Ask questions

Without being pushy, ask direct and concise questions and demand honesty. This will help to clear up things quickly.

Seek a second opinion

You can ask a trusted friend for advice so as to get a second opinion.

Know when to walk away

If the situation lingers, decide what you can or cannot put up with. You deserve someone who’s into you as much as you’re into them and not someone who’s emotionally unavailable.

Have you ever being a recipient of mixed signals before? How did you handle it?


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