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MIT Creates AI Gaming Robot That Can Match Human Behaviour

Innovations in the gaming industry are serving as the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. But despite all the good being done, they fall short of one important aspect. They fail to reflect real-life situations of team cooperation when playing with or against opponents. Because the role of other players are uncertain and must be decided, it is made more difficult


It takes human awareness to be able to reach correct decisions. Until now …


Researchers from the popular Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made a breakthrough. The private research university in Cambridge produced results with proof. The team produced the bot which is a multi-agent reinforcement learning agent that works with Artificial Intelligence (AI).


In a test, it beat humans at online games where the players’ allegiances were not clear at the start of the game. The name of the bot is “DeepRole”.


Innovative “deductive reasoning” comes with the bot to compete with humans. This is usually added into an AI algorithm typically when playing poker. With this feature, the bot can reason with only partially observable actions. The bot then figures out whether or not a player is a friend or a foe. Click here to wat the performance.


Games and Relationships


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The first author of the paper Jack Serrino said in a report:


“If you replace a human teammate with a bot, you can expect a higher win rate for your team. Bots are better partners.” 


He is an MIT graduate in electrical engineering and computer science. Jack worked with Max Kleiman-Weiner on the project. Max said on the robot:


“Humans learn from and cooperate with others, and that enables us to achieve together things that none of us can achieve alone. Games like ‘Avalon’ better mimic the dynamic social settings humans experience in everyday life. You have to figure out who’s on your team and will work with you, whether it’s your first day of kindergarten or another day in your office.” 


Max is an MIT post-doctoral student at the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines, and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science.


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