Microsoft’s Windows 11 Leaks Shows New Clean UI, Start Menu And Others

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Leaks Shows New Clean UI, Start Menu And Others

Microsoft Windows 11: Microsoft’s next version of its Windows operating system has leaked online, screenshots were first released at the Baidu Site. The Windows 11 Os showed a new user interface and lots more.


Windows Menu
New Windows Menu


Visually the newest change users will see can be found along the taskbar, the apps icons are now there. And included in the taskbar is a new start button and menu.


This revamped start menu is a minimalist version of the UI that currently exists in Windows 10, without the always visible Live Tiles. This new setup includes pinned apps, recent files, and a quick shut down/restart icon.


Windows 11
Windows 11 cast


Microsft opted for rounded corners throughout Windows 11. This is clearly seen around apps, menus, and File Explorer. While this is just a leak, a lot of things can change about the design language.


Lots of flexibility
Microsoft Windows 11


From the pictures, there is an option to move the start menu to the extreme left, if you making it center stage isn’t your thing. The dark mode was also moved from Windows 1O.

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Microsoft has also borrowed some features from its canceled Windows 10X, rumored to hit the public this year.



Windows 11 has new search features, its File Explorer is simpler and intuitive. Still following the round circles on the icons design.



Widgets have been included as a new icon in the taskbar, Microsoft is bringing back this feature as the leaks show some.


Widgets comeback


Microsoft has been working on its App Store for developers, its CEO Satya Nadella promised to “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators”.


The Redmond company has plans to hold a special Windows event to reveal its next Os on June 24th, the event starts at 8 AM pacific time.



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