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Microsoft’s Surface DUO Is Finally Getting Android 11 After So Long

The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s foldable phone is finally getting Android 11 after so long, which was supposed to roll out last year. The Duos receiving the older Android 11 devices will be the unlocked devices in North America and Europe.

Surface Duo: Android 11 is here! Lots of improvements for the Dual Screen Surface
Surface Duo

If you reside on these continents you are in luck. The android recent update,12 is currently rolling out to Google Pixel, Samsung and other leading phones. Microsoft says not everyone in the US will be getting the Android 11 update just yet. “For locked or unlocked AT&T Surface Duos, we are testing this release and it is pending final validation,” says the tech company. Users and reviewers had a lot to complain about the Surface Duo cameras, software, build quality, and even performance in some cases.

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Motorola was able to beat Microsoft to update its first-generation Foldable Razr with Android 11. The company announced the rollout last year after taking so long as well. This update seems to be only available through the Verizon service provider, the firm says this update would optimize, resolve and secure the Motorola Razr.

The OG Motorola Razr foldable phone is getting Android 11 update at Verizon - PhoneArena
Motorola Razr

Originally, released in 2019 the Razr retail for $1,500 and already has Android 10 which it received in 2020. Most Android smartphone manufacturers have a habit of only supporting only one update after launch. Android 12 is already in the beta stage, only flagships from Google, Samsung, and other high-end manufacturers might support the update. Even Motorola’s Razr successor, the 2020 Razr 5G had the Android 11 update before its predecessor.



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