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Microsoft’s Clippy Is Arriving On Windows 11 November Build As An Emoji

Microsoft’s famous Clippy assistant is arriving on Windows 11 November Build as an emoji. This is after the company announced it will be making a comeback some months ago.

Clippy returns to Windows 11 as an emoji.

Alongside Clippy, there will be there new emojis available for Windows 11. These new emojis are minimal and the Microsoft design team also used fluent design language for them.

The company said in a blog post that “A team of emoji designers, program managers, font experts, and developers focused on creating this new emoji system. From color palettes to modular features, designers built out a system that would scale to the expansive set of Unicode emoji.”

“Windows 11 now offers a more modern and expressive emoji to use in your hybrid communications, allowing you to add fun, expression, as well as personality to your communications.”

The redesigned Clippy Office Emoji

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The Redmond-based company is creating a modern 3D remake of the virtual Microsoft Office 97 assistant. This would be replacing the current flat paperclip design in windows.

The new emoji has a concept of play and is also “highly expressive” according to Art Director & Emojiologist Claire Anderson. These new emojis will be exclusive to only Windows 11 users.

Microsoft New Emojis for Windows

There are currently over 1,800 emoji exist in Microsoft 365. The company has been working throughout the past year to radically refresh them to be fluent. Hopefully, these emojis create a fresher way to communicate at the office.



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