Microsoft Will Soon Allow Gamers Control Their Xbox With TV Remotes

Microsoft Will Soon Allow Gamers Control Their Xbox With TV Remotes

Microsoft is currently testing the usability of TV remote controls on its Xbox consoles. This new feature will help users navigate through its soon to be released 4k dashboard.Xbox Insider Release NotesThe new technology that allows for this compatibility is HDMI-CEC, it also allows TV remotes to navigate through other streaming apps.

This means that when users just want to just relax and watch movies or content through their Xbox, they don’t need to reach for their controllers. This feature is currently available to Xbox Insiders, namely the Alpha group.

Microsoft says that gamers would soon be able to switch the TV input to Xbox by simply pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft is refreshing its Xbox Series X dashboard interface with a new 4K dashboard.  The Redmond based company made the announcement recently, via Its Insider program.

Xbox Insiders can now test a 4K dashboard for the Xbox Series X

Basically, its UI, the interface is getting a refresh. Before this, the Series X dashboard was displaying at a full high definition (1080p) resolution. This is weird because its console can output games in 4k resolution.

The Xbox team said “this change means Home, Guide, and other areas of the UI will be displayed in a higher native resolution for increased sharpness and text readability,

Xbox Series X 4K UI update goes into public testing | TheSixthAxis

This upgrade seems to be only available for the Series X, its counterpart Series S can’t output native 4k resolution games, only videos.

This might change as Microsoft is currently testing the new 4K dashboard interface on its Flagship Series X.

Microsoft Xbox cloud gaming platform “xCloud” will soon be available on your Windows PC via the Xbox app. Although this feature is in testing for its insider program.

Users can enable TV remote control on the Xbox by going to “Settings”, selecting Power mode & start up, then TV & A/V power options and select “Use TV remote for console” and then “Switch TV input using controller”.

Xbox has a lot of updates going on for its Beta Insiders program. It is currently testing a night mode feature and others. These new features will be available for its newest consoles, the Series X and S.


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