Microsoft Teams Will Get Reply To Messages, Create Signed Documents And More

Microsoft Teams Will Get Reply To Messages, Create Signed Documents And More

Microsoft is working on new features for Teams users including the ability to reply to individual messages, joining meetings via digital code and new approval templates.


Microsoft recently added new entries to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap indicating the features that are under development. The company will soon allow Teams users to reply to a specific message on the platform. Like other IM apps, Teams will include the original message along with the reply to help everyone get more context. Microsoft is also working on a new feature that will allow users to join a new meeting by entering a digital code.


Furthermore, Microsoft is also working on improvements for the emoji picker. The new updated emoji picker will include a category selector, skin tone selector and a short code picker, as well as will expand the emoji set to 800 from 85.

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Lastly, Microsoft is also working with third parties to make electronic attestation easier. The company is currently working with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and other providers to natively create electronic signatures within the approval app. Users will be able to select their electronic signature provider and add details, post which signers will be notified through an email. The approvals app will also be able to keep a track of the entire workflow.


Microsoft plans to roll out all the aforementioned features in April 2021. Apart from that, the company will soon allow users to lock meetings, set Breakout Room timers and more. Microsoft has also added multiple new entries to Microsoft 365 Roadmap that are aimed at improving the polls feature by using AI and the company is working on letting users spotlight up to seven users and translate PowerPoint slideshows.



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