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Microsoft Teams Together Mode Gets New Exciting Updates Like Coffee Shops And Conference Rooms

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Microsoft is expanding the Together Mode feature for Microsoft Teams. The changes will make people working from home seem feel like they are at the office.


The new scenes will include new auditoriums, conference rooms, and a coffee shop. Together mode is also getting an update that uses machine learning to automatically scale and center people in their virtual seats no matter how far they are from their webcam.


The new features will enable co-workers to pretend they’re holding meetings in coffee shops, break out into smaller meeting rooms, or use custom layouts to overlay presenters directly onto slide decks.

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The custom layouts will also get new updates. The changes will potentially change how presenters add content to meetings. They’ll allow participants to overlay a video feed of the presenter on top of a slide deck so they don’t have to choose between watching the presenter or looking at the deck separately. To achieve this, Microsoft is employing technology from Together Mode and background blur.


Breakout rooms will also get more options later in 2020. Participants can then split off into smaller groups in which presenters can go in and out of.


Microsoft had previously started allowing third-party apps during meetings earlier in 2020. From October 2020, more than 20 apps can now join Teams’ meetings. Microsoft has also added support for up to 1,000 meetings participants, with an additional view-only mode that can support up to 20,000 participants.


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