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Microsoft Teams Brings Customisable Background And Promises Background Noise Reduction

Microsoft Teams has announced that users can now pick from its custom-made backgrounds during calls and promises improvements in the future. In addition, there are reports that the software will be getting a background noise elimination feature soon.


While Zoom had enjoyed the giant share of video calls and meetings surge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like other tech giants are coming for its crown.


One of its major competitors, Microsoft Teams, has been rolling out new features after new features recently. The latest one is a direct attack on Zoom’s background display customisation feature.


CNET reports that this new tool will only allow Microsoft Teams users to pick their own background for chats. However, for now, these images are custom-made by Microsoft. Which is unlike Zoom’s own in which users get to create the image or short video they want to use.

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But Microsoft has hinted that it understands this and promises that it will soon release an upgrade of the feature. This upgrade will allow users to do exactly what Zoom background tool allows.


Thus, soon, you will be able to replace your background with an image of yourself while you take a rest from long Microsoft Teams meetings.


These relentless attacks from Microsoft on the video conference market is not isolated. With Zoom struggling to keep up with the loss of trust among its clientele due to security issues, Google is also upping its game.


Google recently rebranded its video chat tool, Hangouts Meet to simply Meet. This change also came with improved security features and settings.


Microsoft further disclosed that Teams will get a tool soon that will help users eliminate background noise. According to a Forbes article, this new feature focuses on common noises in backgrounds like keyboard sounds and dog barks.


The company assures users that it will launch the AI-enhanced innovations soon. It will also include suppressors for such noises as doors slamming shut as well.


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