Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Approval Request App To Teams

Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Approval Request App To Teams

Microsoft announced today that it is rolling out an approval request app to Teams. The Approvals app will be automatically installed in Teams, and is expected to hit general availability by the middle of this month.


The new app comes in handy for various tasks like obtaining approval for your expense report, for example. To get started, you can simply create an approval request via a chat or channel conversation; as well as through the Approvals app. You can then specify the name of the request; assign its approver; insert additional information; add an attachment; and customize the response in accordance with your business requirements.



Teams will notify those who need to approve the request along with its key details. For requests submitted via a chat or channel, a message will be visible to approvers with options to approve or reject them.

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All approval requests can be found within the corresponding tab of the Approvals app. From there, you can see the requests’ status; source; creators; and also approvers.


The new app is also compatible with approvals from supported platforms such as SharePoint; Power Automate; and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In the future, Microsoft plans to add the ability to create an electronic signature approval; using Adobe Sign or DocuSign within the Approvals app and capture the signer’s signature.



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