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Microsoft Releases Important Details On When Your Windows Software Will Expire

Did you know that every Windows product and version has a lifecycle? Here is the latest updated information from Microsoft concerning this. According to Microsoft, a Windows product lifecycle means the time from when the software is released to when it’s no longer supported.


You can find out the exact product life cycle for your specific Windows product by following this link. You will also see the product’s corresponding Lifecycle Policy and end-of-support dates. Also, it is important that you understand the difference between different kinds of Windows updates.


There is the Window quality update; which is an incremental update to Windows products that includes bug fixes and security issue resolutions but includes no new features. While there is a Windows feature update, which brings new features.

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Additionally, Microsoft explains in its updated blog post that an operating system at the end of its lifecycle will still work. “However, once a Microsoft operating system (OS) reaches the end of support, customers will no longer receive security updates. The possibility increases that new programs and hardware will not be performant on an older OS,” the company writes.


For those using Windows 10 Enterprise, Education, or IoT Enterprise; Microsoft has a servicing timeline of 18 and 30 months from release date. This depends on if the software was released in the first half or the year or second.


But for people using Windows 10 Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations, or Home; the servicing timeline is generally 18 months from release. An extra detail that you may find useful is that the extended support for Windows 8.1 ends on 10th January 2023. The OS had reached end of Mainstream Support back on 9th January 2018.


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