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Microsoft Makes More Money From Its Cloud Services

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The first thing that comes to people’s minds when you hear Microsoft is most likely laptops and Windows OS. In fact, the company is very popular for its personal computers more than anything else. However, recent financial reports from Microsoft show that a larger percentage of the company’s revenue is from its cloud server services.

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Microsoft has garnered reputation over the years for its operating system. But according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Microsoft Windows is no longer the major cash cow for the company. It seems like the company has found ways to make more income from its cloud services. It no longer has to rely so much on the Windows OS.

The report explained that Microsoft’s cloud and server services sales have surpassed the Office suites sales. Now Microsoft can decide not to rely on Windows anymore for income as its cloud services continue to gain grounds in the market.


Microsoft Cloud Services

Windows OS has made its mark as the household name when it comes to computers. It is the most used Operating System for personal computers and desktops for both home and office use. Its collection of Microsoft Office Suite apps like Word and PowerPoint have been the trademark for academic and professional use.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has been able to keep the attention of users with constant updates to the Windows OS. Even though its venture into the smartphone operating system was not very successful, it has continued to thrive on computers. It has been able to stay relevant by creating updates that make it compatible with modern apps.

However, its Microsoft Azure cloud services are the major rave of the moment. Azure is Microsoft’s system that competes with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Microsoft Azure has major sites on its platform. The likes of LinkedIn and PlayStation use the Azure cloud service.

In a recent update, Microsoft Azure announced ‘Dedicated Servers’ feature. This new feature will allow users to make private secure servers for personal use.


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Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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