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Microsoft is testing File Explorer tabs in Windows 11

Microsoft is revisiting the tabs feature in File Explorer again after releasing a test feature in a Windows 11 preview build. The company had tried to make the browse-like feature work on Windows 10 in 2018 but abandoned the project for unknown reasons.

In a blog post about the June 9 Windows 11 Build 25136, the tabs were the first thing that the software provider mentioned. The feature will make it easier for you to access multiple locations at the same time, just like you have while browsing the internet.

Right now, what is attainable is just the folder > subfolder feature that appears in the name address bar above the files. However, the update will make it easier to navigate files and switch from one location to the other.

File Explorer with tabs and navigation updates.

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In addition, File Explorer will get a new layout on its left navigation panel that includes access to pinned and frequently used folders and your OneDrive cloud profiles added to Windows if the profiles show the account’s user name.

Instead of the former “This PC” being the parent of Windows folders, you now see the address bar show the correct path, and it is more effective for OneDrive folders as it shows them they are from the cloud or your PC.

The tab feature is not the only new thing that comes with the June Build. A new dynamic widget update will start showing live updates from sports and finance widgets, not just the weather widgets on the taskbar.

Microsoft is encouraging developers and other testers to give feedback on how they feel about the rollouts. These responses determine whether the rest of the world will get it now or not.

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