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Microsoft Is Redesigning Clippy, The Office 97 Assistant Emoji For Windows

Remember the old Office 97 Clippy I did, when I was nine years old with my old desktop, Microsoft is redesigning the emoji for Windows.

The redesigned Clippy Office Emoji

The smiling emoji has a nostalgic feeling while growing up.

Microsoft on Twitter recently did a challenge to know if people wanted Clippy back.

The results showed people wanted the old Office 97 assistant Clippy emoji back, and Microsoft likewise rose up to the occasion.

The Redmond-based company is creating a modern 3D remake of the virtual Microsoft Office 97 assistant.

This would be replacing the current flat paperclip design in windows.

Microsoft partnered with design researcher Megan Stockdale for the new emoji design.

The new emoji has a concept of play and also “highly expressive” according to Art Director & Emojiologist Claire Anderson.

Microsoft New Emojis for Windows

There are currently over 1,800 emoji exist in Microsoft 365.

The company has been working throughout the past year to radically refresh them to be fluent.

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The design team opted for 3D designs over 2D for animating the majority of the emoji.

The team will soon be releasing five brand new emojis.

Five new work hybrid emojis

These five new emojis show the realities of the new hybrid work, most of Microsoft’s emojis are playful.

The company believes play encourages innovation, and emojis are playful communicators.

In anticipation of World Emoji Day, the company will be rolling out the product over the coming months.

Beyond emoji, Microsoft is bringing fluent aesthetic to life within Microsft 365.

These emojis have more expressive themes, illustrations, backgrounds, and more.

Microsoft obliged to bring back the old 97 Office assistant Clippy, we couldn’t resist the nostalgic pull.



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