You are currently viewing Microsoft Is Offering A $1,500 Pandemic Bonus Offering To Its Employees

Microsoft Is Offering A $1,500 Pandemic Bonus Offering To Its Employees

Microsoft is offering its employees a $1,500 pandemic bonus, The Verge reported it saw an internal memo containing the details.


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The Redmond-based company Chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan announced the offer to employees.


This Offer is available to all eligible employees internationally and in the United States. Eligible staffs have to be below corporate president level and should have started working on or before March 31st, 2021, this also includes part-time workers and those on hourly rates.

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Microsft isn’t the only company offering pandemic bonuses to its employees.


Microsoft’s bonus is a one-time bonus.

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The company said the bonus “is in recognition of the unique and challenging fiscal year that Microsoft just completed.”


This generous act speaks highly of their corporate social responsibility, boosting the company’s corporate image and showcasing its fantastic work culture. Sadly, this $1,500 bonus is not available for other Microsft subsidiary employees such as GitHub and Linkedin.

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Microsoft recently launched its Windows 11 operating system, with clean modern designs and UI. Although your PC might not be able to update the newest version of Windows.


The TPM chip is a necessary hardware feature to upgrade to the newest operating system, leaving users no option than to buy a new laptop in order to be eligible for the update.



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