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Microsoft Introduces New Edge Browser

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In 2018, Microsoft revealed that it was planning to rebuild its Edge browser on Chromium. Leaked screenshots reveal that the current versions look a lot like Chrome.

Images emerged online showing the main interface and features of Chromium Edge, alongside some of the settings available.

Microsoft appears to be testing extension support, sync, and a new tab view that includes an image of the day and most visited sites.

The browser interface has similarities like the refresh page, home page, and navigation buttons with Chrome. It even has the favorites on the address bar and a profile image to indicate who is logged into the browser.

It is unclear exactly when Microsoft plans to start testing its Chromium version of Edge publicly. The browser is expected to be tested more widely very soon.

Anyone interested in testing the new browser once it’s available can sign up to Microsoft’s Edge Insider program and be notified once the company is ready to test this publicly.

Hopefully, the only thing it would have like Chrome would be its interface and not the constant hanging.

We already have Chrome, we don’t need another buggy internet browser.

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