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Microsoft Inspire 2020: Media And Communication Session With Partners

Microsoft Inspire 2020: Media And Communication Session With Partners

At the Microsoft Inspire 2020 event, the software company revealed how partners like CSG, Nokia and Avid benefit from collaborating in the media and telecommunication industry.


Parul Bhandari, Microsoft’s Director of Partner Strategy in Media and Communication hosted the session. Acknowledging the change that the pandemic brought, Bhandari, wanted Microsoft’s partners to share with listeners how they have fared so far.


Colleen Smith, VP of Marketing Solutions at Avid mentioned that during the COVID-19, broadcasters and the media could not take time out to adapt to the industrial disruption. Many still looked to them for news on the pandemic.


Thus, Smith said that partners of Avid had to accelerate their adaptation to remote working. At the same time, they could not stop working completely as media became one of the most important industry then.


Cloud tech became even more important for almost every work-related move that they made.


Avid empowers media creators with innovative technology and collaborative tools to entertain, inform, educate and enlighten the world.


Meanwhile, Tim Blanchard, the Regional CTO at CSG confirms that many telecommunication companies are looking towards 5G to improve remote working. He says that the tech will go a long way in making the flexibility needed to work effectively from remote locations easier.

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CSG is a giant company that provides Business Support Systems software and services, primarily to the telecommunications industry.


Additionally, Blanchard says cloud operations will cut work costs. He mentions that CSG uses Microsoft Azure to serve its telecoms customers which instills confidence in their solutions. This applies to Revenue Management, Mediation and Wholesale solutions.


Jeff Chuck, Global Webscale Partner Leader at Nokia adds that the giant company also uses Microsoft Azure for its IoT solutions. Chuck says this allows Nokia to provide ‘a robust solution’ and not just a ‘pinpoint proof of concept’.


Nokia is also using Azure for its 5G AI-enable Operational Analytics and private wireless network. This enables customers to connect sensors, cameras and other devices.


Nokia is a multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company.


Avid on its part delivered an ‘Edit on Demand’ cloud solution to its content creating partners using Microsoft Azure. This allowed editors to continue editing content via cloud giving them seamless access to tools that they would usually have in a physical facility.


This Microsoft Inspire 2020 session includes suggestions for new customers to value relationships and goals alignment. Also, Bhandari mentions six ways that media and communication partners of Microsoft can drive successful co-selling partnership. They are;

  • Clearly defined value proposition
  • Clarity on the target audience
  • Goal alignment and seller relationship
  • Microsoft seller-ready co-sell materials
  • Relevant case studies
  • Balance direct and P2P co-sell activity

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