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Microsoft Has Redesigned Office Application UI Now Available For Testers

Yesterday, Microsoft has started testing its new office. In line with the new design language in Windows 11, the company is giving the Office productivity tool a new look.


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The final version of the redesigned Office will be available for the general public later next year, for now only Office insiders can test the new UI.




One major change coming to Office has rounded looks, icons are now rounded and modern. These changes are expected to be effected on the web and mobile versions of the office.

Office new teasers
Office new teasers


We can expect changes to the main desktop versions of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook much more later.

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Microsoft mentioned these changes might take up to a year or two for them to roll out, the company is promising these final changes first in Windows 11 and then Windows 10 later on.

Microsoft Office gets a new UI, Office Insiders can try it


To be part of the Office Insiders group to test out these new changes, you will need to register here and apply to receive beta updates in Office settings. Office productivity tools have been around for a very long time, they are the most preferred tool for work and education.


Once you have joined the Insider program to start testing the beta Office, you will see a megaphone icon at the top of any Office app which will let you toggle the new UI on and off.



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