Microsoft Edge Will Now Warn You When You Close Multiple Tabs

Microsoft Edge Will Now Warn You When You Close Multiple Tabs

When Microsoft made a shift to the Chromium framework, the Edge team promised to bring all the features of Legacy Edge to the new Chromium Edge browser. While the company did deliver on that promise, it missed the option that warned users when they try closing multiple tabs. Now, Microsoft Edge has updated its Canary branch to add support for the same. The feature is currently hidden behind a flag and can be enabled by searching for “Ask before closing multiple tabs” in edge://flags (via Techdows). Once found, you will need to enable the feature and relaunch the web browser.


You will then need to follow the steps below to enable the feature:

  • Open Microsoft Edge Canary click on the three dots on the top right corner
    Navigate to Settings > Appearance
    Enable the “Ask before Closing multiple tabs” option
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Once done, Microsoft Edge will warn you when you are trying to close multiple tabs. You can then either click on “Close All” to close all the tabs or click “Cancel”. If you no longer want to get the pop-up warning then you can either select “Don’t ask me again” or follow the aforementioned steps to toggle off the option.


The feature is currently available on Microsoft Edge Canary version 89 which is expected to hit the stable channel in March 2021.



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